Working together for the Oyate


President Julian Bear Runner

Delivery of donated goods:

Oglala Sioux Tribe 

107 West Main St. 

Pine Ridge, SD 57770 


Phone number:

(605) 441 0077 ; (605) 867 5011

The purpose of this site is to immediately provide a hub for all who are interested in helping and working with the Oglala Sioux Tribal Government during the spring flood of 2019 following the bomb-cyclone climate event which ravaged hundreds of our families causing life and death emergencies. This page will serve as real time communications from the office of the President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe in our efforts to overcome the staggering slow genocide we are living here on the Pine Ridge Reservation while ensuring our children’s rights to clean water and a healthy homeland are protected forever. 

This is my first emergency and disaster as President of the Oglala Nation but not the first I’ve seen. I have lived here all my life except when I was gone for military training and brief excursions to protect our treaty territory. I remember a tornado ripping through the Oglala district in 1996. Any disaster hits us 100 times harder because of how financially vulnerable we are as a people. This must change.

I have seen a devastating hurricane like hail storm in the summer of 2018 as I was beginning my campaign to be our next Tribal President. I watched as hundreds of our people were displaced and tormented by the sheer inability to properly respond. FEMA denied our request for disaster relief, stating that most of the damage on more than 400 destroyed homes was cosmetic in nature and fixable with insurance. We do not have insurance. We were forced into dependency 130 years ago; this is not our way. With your help we will recover.